Commercial Concrete Floor Sealing and Densifying

Commercial Contractors sealing and densifying concrete floors in Ohio for over 30 years

Final Finish has been sealing and densifying concrete for over three decades and is one of Ohio’s oldest concrete sealing companies. We have over 30 years of experience, a skilled workforce, and the right equipment to competitively quote any concrete floor sealing project. Utilizing concrete sealing and densifying industry best practices, we provide services for new and existing concrete surfaces, allowing our company to cater to a wide range of client needs. 

Working with new concrete surfaces may involve joint caulking before sealing or densifying your concrete floor to ensure proper sealing and protection. For existing concrete surfaces, additional services may include joint recaulking or repair and removing old or damaged sealant to ensure effective protection.

Industries and markets served

    • Warehouses of all sizes
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Restaurants & Bars
    • Retail Chains
    • Office Buildings
    • Retail Outlets
    • Educational Facilities
    • Hotels and Hospitality
    • Government Buildings
    • Shopping Centers & Malls
    • Super Markets/Grocery stores

Final Finish specializes in providing services for these types of concrete floors.

    1. Commercial Floors
    2. Retail floors
    3. Commercial Driveways and Parking Lots
    4. Sidewalks and Walkways
    5. Loading Docks
    6. Industrial Floors

Final Finish uses industry-leading sealing and densifying products.

At Finalfinish, we are proud to offer a range of certified hardener/densifiers that are frequently included with the specifications provided by architects. As certified applicators, we offer a range of hardener/densifiers from reputable brands such as Ashford Formula by Curecrete Chemical Company, Diamond Hard by Euclid Chemical, Seal Hard by L&M Chemical, Lapidolith by Sonneborn, and Consolideck by Prosoco. Rest assured that we have the expertise to deliver the high-quality results for your projects.

A particular characteristic of Final Finish’s approach is the customization it offers to each client. Given the wide variation in the needs of commercial spaces, from warehouses to showrooms, the company ensures its sealing and densifying solutions fit each project’s unique specifications. This tailored approach, combined with high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, has established Final Finish as a leader in their field, recognized for consistently delivering superior results.

Final Finish pays special attention to the details and ensures that the sealer is applied to the walls and columns in large industrial warehouses. By applying the sealer up to the walls and columns, Final Finish helps create a seamless and uniform finish that enhances the overall appearance and protection of the warehouse floor. This attention to detail ensures no areas are left exposed, reducing the risk of moisture infiltration, efflorescence formation, and dusting.

Sealing the perimeter of the warehouse floor is particularly important as these areas often experience higher levels of traffic and potential moisture exposure. Final Finish uses only top-grade sealing and densifying products. We are an accredited applicator of industry-leading sealer and densifying products produced by CureCrete. CureCrete’s Ashford formula is environmentally friendly and s

Concrete sealing and densifying can also help to eliminate dusting from efflorescence. Efflorescence is a common problem that occurs in masonry and concrete structures. It is caused by the presence of soluble salts that are drawn to the surface of the material by moisture. When the water evaporates, the salts are left behind, forming a white, powdery residue on the surface of the material. This residue can be unsightly and cause damage to the surface over time.

Dusting is a common problem associated with efflorescence. Dusting occurs when the surface of the efflorescence is disturbed, causing the powdery residue to become airborne and spread around the area. Dusting can be a health hazard, especially when the efflorescence is disturbed during cleaning or maintenance. Sealing and densifying products penetrate the concrete surface and make the surface more resistant to moisture penetration and efflorescence formation.

Commercial concrete sealing and densifying come with a host of benefits that cater to the unique needs of businesses and industrial spaces. Here are some of the key advantages:

    1. Enhanced Durability: Concrete sealing and densifying processes augment the strength and durability of commercial concrete floors, making them more resistant to heavy usage, vehicular traffic, and industrial machinery.
    2. Increased Longevity: By improving the concrete’s resistance to physical and chemical wear and tear, sealing and densifying extend the lifespan of commercial concrete floors. This means lower long-term costs associated with repair or replacement.
    3. Improved Aesthetics: Sealers can give commercial concrete floors a polished, high-quality look, improving the overall aesthetic of the commercial or retail space. They can also enrich the color of decorative or colored concrete.
    4. Stain and Moisture Resistance: Sealed and densified concrete floors resist staining from oil, chemicals, and other substances common in commercial spaces. They also prevent moisture from seeping into the concrete, reducing the risk of water damage.
    5. Ease of Maintenance: Sealed and densified concrete surfaces are easier to clean, as they prevent dust and grime, and bacteria from penetrating the floor’s surface. This is a significant advantage in commercial spaces where cleanliness and hygiene are essential.
    6. Cost-Effectiveness: While there is an upfront cost, concrete sealing and densifying can lead to long-term savings by reducing the need for regular maintenance, deep cleaning, or premature replacement of the flooring.
    7. Safety Improvements: Sealed and densified floors can enhance workplace safety. They provide a barrier against moisture that prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Some sealers also enhance the slip-resistance of concrete floors, minimizing the risk of accidents.
    8. Sustainability: Many modern sealers and densifiers are eco-friendly, aligning with sustainability goals. They contribute to green business practices by reducing the need for frequent floor replacements and using environmentally-friendly components.
    9. Enhanced Light Reflectivity: Densified concrete has a higher light reflectivity, creating brighter commercial spaces. This can lead to energy savings, especially in large commercial or industrial buildings that require significant lighting.

By recognizing these benefits, commercial property owners can understand how concrete sealing and densifying can contribute to a safer, more efficient, and visually appealing work environment.